Amendment to rules 14/01/2019

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Amendment to rules 14/01/2019

Post by Scottish Champ » Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:37 pm

2 Changes have been made to the rules.

1. Hot Routes now reads. 'Hot routes should be used sparingly, If you dont like the look the defence has given you, change the play, that will give you another 4 options, Change the play instead of using hot routes constantly.'

Hot routes are starting to become a real problem across the leagues, no one wants to hear your QB sounding like Busta Rhymes before he snaps the ball, as above, if you dont like the look from the defence change the play. If it continues we are heading for a complete ban on them and that will be shit quite frankly. But don't say we didn't warn you. If you think your opponent is going OTT take 2-3 gameplay clips or note times on twitch and we will look into it.

2. New rule relating to Graphic/visual assists. 'If your not using the correct graphic settings your QB will be banned for the following game as well as your best defensive player. No more warnings will be given, if you start a game and notice something is wrong restart it immediately (not halfway through the 3rd quarter)'

Make sure your settings match those showing in the rules.

Any questions just ask through the normal channels.

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